The Journey (but we will start in the middle)!

My life is filled with Adventure. Obviously not James Bond adventure or Indiana Jones adventure, but my life is not boring! It got boring though for a time.

I am a single Dad. I get my kids (there’s 3) each sat at noon and we are a family till I drop them at school on Wednesday. I have adventures with them and when they go to their Mom’s my life becomes a bit surreal.

In another post I will fill you in on the me while married looking at himself in the mirror each night and each morning wondering if this is all there is in life (for the record, i did not want the divorce, did not ask for a divorce, and did all I could do to save my family-just way too late).

I decided to start this blog on my 44th birthday when I realized that my life is an adventure.

There are stories of what happens when I travel with my team, things that happen at my business, and when I am exploring life with my three kids. But the day I decided to start this blog is quite funny.

My business is somewhat unique in that we do a lot of varied things. We take fabric of various sort and make things. In this case we made a Winter Cover for an RV. It was a bright, beautiful November Day.

The customer gave me the address (as they hired us to install as well), and I set out with one of my athletes that I hired for the day. The customer warned me that the address was confusing. I didn’t necessarily believe her and relied on my phone (i rely on the phone GPS way too much…perhaps another blog on that later).The RV was on property overlooking the lake, and sure enough the address did not come up on my phone when (I felt) it should have.

There was an RV overlooking the lake about a 1/4 mile back. I went to check it out. It was next to The Twisted Cherry, a strip club…a very shady strip club. Upon inspection of said RV I noticed the licence plate was registered with as an Historic Vehicle. It seemed pretty beat up but that’s why they needed the cover, right?!? And the bluff overlooking the lake was stunning!

We set our ladders and began to install the cover. As the cover is just about on. My phone rings… it is the customer, “Where are you?”, he asks.

“Ummm, we are just done the road, I think. We are by the Twisted Cherry.”

“Ok”, he says, “you are about a mile away.”

Uh oh!!!

My only thought is what is this trailer next to the shady Twisted Cherry actually used for…and who might be in there at this moment while I am on top of it.

We quickly pulled the cover off the trailer and threw it in the truck unfolded. We drove down the street where the customer was waiting by the road. The bluff overlooking the lake is similar but more scenic. The RV is same size but cleaner, nicer.

He sees the cover all ragtag in back of truck. “What happened?”, he asks.

“Uh, we ran into a bit of trouble. All good though.”

We got the cover on. It looked great. The view over Lake Erie was amazing. My assistant was a bit awed as he didn’t realize (he is from FL) the Great Lakes were like Oceans.

We leave, we pass by the Twisted Cherry, and we laugh. I think to myself. My life is full of stories just like this! I need to write this stuff down.

So I will.

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